CERC Community Organization Research Training

Research Training for Community-Based Organization Training

FREE Six-part ONLINE Training Series

  • Learn how to apply research principles to increase your program’s impact.
  • Learn how to determine if your program is working.
  • Learn how to document your program’s impact using language that attracts funders.


May-June 2021

11:30 am to 1:30 pm


May 19      Introduction to Research

May 26      Research Methods

June 2       Building Sustainable Partnerships

June 9       Program Evaluation

June 16     Funding I

June 24     Funding II

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For more information: Contact Carol Gutierrez at cgalvez@mmc.edu.


Session 1 (May 19, 2021): Introduction to Research


Learning Objectives

•Define research

•Describe key steps in the research process 

•Identify safeguards that are in place to make research safe and ethical 

Develop a preliminary research question based on communityidentified problems/concerns.


Facilitator: Kymberly Byrd & Robert Marx

Email: kymberly.l.byrd@vanderbilt.edu robert.a.marx@gmail.com


          Session 2 (May 26, 2021): Research Methods           


Learning Objectives

•Conduct a basic literature review based on working research questions

•Identify different types of research designs 

•Identify the best research design for working research questions 

•Explain how translation and dissemination fit into the overall research paradigm.


Facilitator: Jennifer Erves






          Session 3 (June 2, 2021): Building Sustainable Partnerships          


Learning Objectives

•Identify specific contributions that community organizations/members and academic researchers give to a research partnership 

•State the benefits that community organizations/members and academic researchers get from thepartnership 

•Identify key working agreements and processes that should be developed during partnership development 

•Identify specific strategies to promote trust and manage conflict.


Facilitator: Barbara Clinton

Email: barbclinton21@gmail.com   



          Session 4 (June 9, 2021): Program Evaluation           


Learning Objectives

•Describe the goal of program evaluation 

•Develop a basic logic model for program evaluation

•Identify scenarios in which program evaluation and research are needed.


Facilitator: Sarah Suiter 

Email: sarah.v.suiter@Vanderbilt.edu





          Session 5 (June 16, 2021): Funding: Part I       


Learning Objectives

 List organizational factors that need to be in place prior to applying for and receiving funding 

 List potential funding sources that are relevant to your community organizations

 Initiate a funding announcement query within relevant funding agency databases

 Compete tasks needed to accomplish common preapplication requirements.


Facilitator: Patrick Luther

Email: patrick.luther@gmail.com





          Session 6 (June 24, 2021): Funding: Part II     


Learning Objectives

 Key steps in developing a high quality proposal

 Demonstrate confidence in writing different proposal components 

 Identify key budget development steps 

 List strategies to promote efficient postaward management.


Facilitators: Alexis Gorden

Email: alexisvilletn@gmail.com