DataCore Services

DataCore Services

Whether you are coming from a VUMC/VU department or external orgnaization, DataCore offers multiple services for you to conduct your upcoming project in a timely and efficient way. Below, you will find details about an array of assistance we can provide.

DataCore Hosting

The Vanderbilt Data Core offers fee-based REDCap hosting. This is completely different to having your own REDCap system. The Core can grant you access to our Vanderbilt REDCap system. You can use it just like our local users. You’ll build and manage your projects independently, having total control over them and the data. This service is most commonly used by investigators whose organizations are unable to join the REDCap Consortium. It does not require the hardware, software and support that becoming a consortium partner site requires.

A La Carte Services

When beginning your research with REDCap, we understand that not everyone is as experienced with new software as others. This is why DataCore offers specialized services to get you where you need to be. For additional fees, DataCore can help you with REDCap forms development; customized programming for specific research needs; and CMS/User-facing development to make your application as seamless as possible. Take a look at each service for more details.

Basic Analyst

  • Consultation and Guidance

  • Basic REDCap training

  • REDCap project creation and development

  • REDCap project-level testing

Customized Programming

  • Consultation and Guidance

  • Customized Programming

  • Code Testing and Maintenance

CMS/Front End Development

  • User Experience/ User Interface Enhancements

  • Content Management Systems Build-Out

  • Data Visualizations

Some things to note about DataCore’s A La Carte Services : Each of the three services listed above are individually priced. DataCore clients are charged an hourly rate based on the service(s) performed by our team. A La Carte services are NOT mandatory. If you are experienced using REDCap and can hit the ground running, great! We are always here to help. Just know, if you do decided that you need help, we will be charging the hourly rate for services accrued. If you have any other questions please contact the DataCore