VICTR DataCore

The DataCore is a team of VICTR employees that work with internal and external clients to provide assistance with upcoming REDCap projects. We are a team of experienced application developers and systems analysts, who are here to make sure your research with REDCap is a success. By offering several services, the DataCore team offers clients, from a wide variety of organizations, the ability to conduct their research as they seek fit.

Although we work hand-in-hand with the REDCap team, we are two separate teams within VICTR. If you have specific questions about your REDCap project or want to become a REDcap consortium member(non-profit organizations only), then please send a message to for more information.

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  • How can I go about getting a REDCap license?
    This can be accomplished in two ways. The first option allows non-profit organizations to get a REDCap license and self-host (which is free but does require significant internal IT infrastructure and ongoing support). The second option offers researchers Vanderbilt’s own REDCap system that can be used for a monthly hosting fee (and with no internal IT infrastructure required on your side at all).

  • When exactly will I start/stop getting billed?
    You will be charged the monthly hosting fee once your REDCap project goes into Production Mode. We will keep billing you until your project is placed into Archived status(which you will set yourself).

  • How many users can I have on my project?
    Unlimited. It is up to you how many users can access the data on the back-end of the project. For participant surveys, there is no limit as well.

  • Can I limit what users can and cannot see?
    Yes. By designating Data Access Groups(DAGs- which are user permission groups for your project), you can limit who sees what.


For those researchers who are affiliated with Vanderbilt University Medical Center or Vanderbilt University, another route will be taken when engaging with DataCore’s services. Although the primary DataCore offerings will remain the same, the details behind the anticipated research will be different.

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If you have any other questions please contact the DataCore