Community Scholars


DUE DATE: May 13, 2024

The Meharry-Vanderbilt Community Engaged Research Core announces a new round of Community Scholars Awards for the 2023-2024 school year.

The Community Scholars Award provides support for two graduate or post graduate trainees to perform a community engaged research project collaboratively with a community-based organization, during the academic school year. Scholars will also participate in the MV Community Engaged Research Core, which supports the development of community-engaged and community-based research as well as fosters and supports relationships between community and academic partners. 


The goal of the program is for scholars to create a partnership with a community-based organization and conduct a mutually beneficial, community engaged research project together. Scholars in the program will also build the capacity to use the methods and principles of community-engaged research; to understand determinants of community health; and to build the capacity of communities, health agencies, and academic centers to function as equal partners in research and education.

At the end of a Scholar’s participation with the Program, he or she will be able to: 

·     Develop an understanding of community health determinants through participation in organized service to meet the needs of communities.

·     Apply the principles of community engagement in their research partnerships.

·     Demonstrate the methods or results of service learning through participation as a co-facilitator or co-preceptor of courses, field practice, continuing education workshops, or presentation of research findings at local or national meeting.

Award: Each Scholar will receive a scholarship of $5,000 to integrate community-engaged research principles and approaches into their studies, and participate in a community-engaged research project. These awards will be used to cover travel, books and other educational resources, and pilot funding for research.  In addition, a modest stipend ($1000) will be provided to the community partner working with the Community Scholar.


Awards are granted through a competitive review process. To be considered for an award, applicants should submit a concise proposal that includes the following:

1) Cover letter (optional).

2) Research proposal.

Formatting:Please complete the following sections in up to 3 pages, single-spaced, 12-point font, and 1-inch margins. The following sections are required as part of the proposal.


a.Description of past and current research and/or community engagement activities, as well as your overall research interest and how it relates to community-engaged work.

b.Description of motivation to become involved in community-engaged research.

c. Description of the proposed project:

·  Research question: What problem or issue do you want to address?

·  Background & significance: What has been done so far in this area? Why is this issue or research topic important? What is the importance and relevance of the issue or question you are interested in addressing?

·  Project plan, including research methods, data collection (what will be collected and how), and data analysis methodology.

·   Brief explanation of how funds will be used or anticipated budget outline.

·  Description of the anticipated outcomes and products of the proposed activity.

·  Description of how you plan to disseminate your findings.

d.Discuss the potential impact of this research to further your professional and/or research goals and ways in which this proposed work can benefit the community partner/organization and broader society.

e.Description of the outcomes and products you intend to get from your research and community partnership experience.

3) Curriculum vitae.

4) A letter of recommendation from your mentor.

5) A letter of support from the partnering community organization.

6) Current Visa or U.S. citizenship required.

Applications are due by 11:59pm on Monday, May 13, 2024. Applicants must send an email of intent to apply prior to submission to Submit your application here:


For additional information, please contact Lexie Lipham at