Community Engagement Studio

Community Engagement Studio

The Community Engagement Studio is a consultative session for researchers interested in getting input on their work from patients, caregivers, health care providers, community members and other non-researcher stakeholders.  A panel of stakeholders (whose characteristics are defined by the researcher) will be assembled to provide feedback to enhance the planning, design, implementation, translation or dissemination of your research.

Tiffany Israel facilitates a discussion with Latino/a community members around an exercise-based intervention project. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Studios are conducted virtually.

The benefits of the Community Engagement Studio include: 

  • Access stakeholders from various settings, without the complexity of scheduling multiple meetings
  • Identify potential patient or community partners to enhance the implementation of the research
  • Address potential barriers and challenges related to recruitment and retention
  • Assess feasibility and appropriateness of the project for the patient population or community 
  • Feedback on cultural and linguistic appropriateness of research documents (e.g. recruitment materials, consent documents, surveys)

Contact: Leslie Boone

Community Engagement Studio Toolkit

Conjunto de herramientas del taller de participación comunitaria