Consultations on Community Engaged Research

Community Engagement

The Community Engaged Research Core (CERC) offers a wide range of consultative services to support the conduct community engaged research. Assistance is available for all phases of community-engaged research including project planning, study design, implementation, data collection, data analysis, translation and dissemination. Assistance includes:

  • Strategies for identifying and engaging communities in the development and implementation of a research project
  • Community needs assessment using existing data sets and planned data collection
  • Research designs best suited for community settings
  • Measurement strategies and tools for testing hypotheses in community settings
  • Evaluation research methods
  • Strategies for tracking individual or systems level changes when applied in community settings
  • Monitoring the delivery or fidelity of interventions in community settings
  • Navigating administrative obstacles to carrying out research in community settings
  • Translating and disseminating research findings in community setting

 To request a consultation, please complete our resource and consultation request