BioVU Funding

BioVU Funding Acknowledgement

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s BioVU projects are supported by numerous sources: institutional funding, private agencies, and federal grants. These include NIH funded Shared Instrumentation Grant S10OD017985, S10RR025141, and S10OD025092; CTSA grants UL1TR002243, UL1TR000445, and UL1RR024975. Genomic data are also supported by investigator-led projects that include U01HG004798, R01NS032830, RC2GM092618, P50GM115305, U01HG006378, U19HL065962, R01HD074711; and the following additional funding sources.

Funding Agency  Grant Number Grant Title Contact PI
NIH K07 CA172294 Unraveling Genetic Determinants in Lung Cancer Risk in African Americans Aldrich, Melinda
AHA 14GRNT20460090 Characterization of Variants in PTGER3 Genes as Novel Markers of Cardiovascular Risk Boutaud, Olivier
NIH P01 DK038226 Role of Eicosanoids in Renal Function Brown, Nancy
NIH R24 DK 96527 Molecular and Cellular Basis for the Efficacy of Bariatric Surgery Cone, Roger
NIH U01 HG004798 Epidemiologic Architecture for Genes Linked to Environment (EAGLE) Crawford, Dana
NIH R01 LM010685 From GWAS to PheWAS: Scanning the EMR Phenome for Gene-Disease Associations Denny, Joshua
NIH R01 NS032830 Genetic Epidemiology of Multiple Sclerosis Haines, Jonathan
NIH R01 EY012118 Genomic Architecture of Progression and Treatment Response in Age-related Macular Degneration (AMD) Haines, Jonathan
NIH K12 HD043483 Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health Hartmann, Katherine
NIH R01 DK078616 Common Genetic Variation and Quantitative Diabetes Traits Kabagambe, Edmond
NIH RC2 GM092618 Vanderbilt Electronic Systems for Pharmacogenomic Assessment (VESPA) Masys, Daniel
NHMRC APP1064524 Pharmacogenomics and mechanistic basis of drug hypersensitivity Phillips, Elizabeth
NIH R01 CA162433 The p450 Epoxygenases as Pro-Oncogenic Enzyme Pozzi, Ambra
NIH P01 HL056693 Cardiovascular Regulation: Pathophysiology of Orthostatic Intolerance Robertson, David
NIH P50 GM115305 Improving Prediction of Drug Action (IPODA) Roden, Dan
NIH U01 HG006378 Vanderbilt Genome Electronic Records Project Roden, Dan
NIH U19 HL065962 Pharmacogenomics of Arrhythmia Therapy Roden, Dan
NIH U01 HG004603 Vanderbilt Genome Electronic Records Project Roden, Dan
PCORI Private The Mid-South Clinical Data Research Network Rothman, Russell
NIH P50 CA09813 Genetic Predictors of Progression of Premalignant Breast Disease Smith, Jeffrey
NIH R01 HD074711 Understanding the Genetic Risk Underlying Racial Disparities in Uterine Fibroids Velez Edwards, Digna
NIH R03 HD078567 Using the Exome to Discover Genetic Determinants of Fibroids in African Americans Velez Edwards, Digna
NIH R01 DK080007 Pharmacogenetics of Obesity and Endocannabinergic Modulation (POEM) Wilke, Russell
NIH P50 HL081009 Bioanalytical Core Williams, Scott