Genetics of health conditions with the use of machine learning 

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Genetics of health conditions with the use of machine learning 


What is machine learning?

Some patients have very clear symptoms that make it easy for them to be diagnosed. But in other cases, patients have more subtle hints and that can be challenging for doctors. Machine learning is used to pick up common findings that may get reported, but not always recognized as a sign that someone may have a condition. By using the computer to build up more traits that doctors may have missed in the past, it can help doctors make the connection better to symptoms that they may not realize could be related to the diagnosis.


How was the research done?

Scientists want to use medical records to find out which health conditions may be related to certain traits, like speech and language disorders. They will use this information to create a computer program that can predict if someone is at high or low risk for these traits. They will also use genetic testing to study how these traits may be related to specific genes. This research could help doctors give better care to people with these traits.


What is the importance of this study?

This study will help predict if someone has a specific trait based on their many health conditions. With the ability to predict possible health conditions, this can allow doctors to treat their patients early and provide better outcomes.