Our Dissemination Research

Our Dissemination Research

The CERC Dissemination Team has conducted original dissemination research to determine research participant preferences for receiving study results.

Preliminary Qualitative Research

Despite calls for action, many questions remain regarding the return of research findings to research participants, including how, when, and what types of information should be returned. To begin to address this knowledge gap, we conducted a series of focus groups in the Spring of 2018 with a diverse group of individuals in order to identify their preferences for receiving study results. To learn more about this study, including main study results, click here to access the published manuscript.

Three dissemination products were created to summarize the findings of this study and were disseminated back to all focus group participants. These included:

Embedded Dissemination Trial - The GROW Trial

A dissemination study was designed and embedded within the Growing Right Onto Wellness (GROW) Trial, an existing family-based, community-centered obesity prevention randomized controlled trial. To learn more about the original GROW Trial, click here to access the published manuscript.

Six dissemination products were developed (in both English and Spanish) that summarized the GROW Study findings and were returned to all participants. These included: